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Gresso 3310

The Legend is Reborn


A Phone of Myth

Luxury Materials. Modern Performance.

Gresso engineers meticulously recreated the legendary phone, and strengthened the famed indestructibility of the iconic device.

As a result, the Gresso 3310 outperforms the legendary Nokia thanks to its solid titanium body and superior battery.


Legendary Durability and Strength

  • 744

    744 hours of Battery Life

    This powerful battery gives up to 744 hours of life in standby mode.

  • 10

    Extreme Durability

    The body, constructed from aircraft-grade titanium, can withstand a drop of up to 10 meters.

  • 250

    Unparalleled Strength

    The titanium body can withstand up to 250kg of weight without breaking.

Exclusive Materials

  • Aircraft-Grade Titanium

    The body of Gresso 3310 is constructed from grade-5 titanium, which is widely used in the aerospace industry. Grade-5 titanium is twice as light a stainless steel, but has superior durability and strength.

  • DLC Coating

    The deep black color of the Gresso 3310 is achieved by using a DLC technology. This method is widely used in the manufacture of luxury swiss watches.

  • Titanium Keyboard

    The titanium keyboard emphasizes the status and durability of the device. Each key is handpolished by a single master craftsman, with the meticulous attention to detail.

The Art of Engineering

Инженерное искусство

The 3310 demonstrates Gresso’s iconic luxury minimalism style, which highlights both elegant design and superior craftsmanship. Each device is individually CNC machined from a solid plate of titanium in a process that takes 5 hours.

Limited Edition Collection

The Gresso 3310 is a legend incarnate with unrivaled design and a luxury titanium body. The collection is created for real connoisseurs of classic style. This is a limited edition collection with only 3310 pieces available. The individual number is engraved on the back panel of the device, and customers can select their own unique number at the end of the order process.

Technical Specifications

  • 32
  • 744
    Standby time
  • 2
    Number of SIM

Camera: 2 MP
Talk time: up to 22 hours
Height: 117 mm
Width: 52,6 mm
Depth: 13,7 mm
Weight: 154 g
2 SIM cards
Warranty: 12 months

Signature Packaging

The Gresso 3310 is packaged in a high-quality black leather box. The phone includes a certificate of authenticity, user manual and wall charger with regional plug heads.

Select Your Gresso 3310

Titanium body.
Hand-polished borders.
3310 pieces.
Price: $4,500.00
Select Limited number
Limited edition
Add personal engraving to the product body as numerals, initials, drawing and etc.
Titanium keyboard.
Titnium body.
Black DLC-coating.
3310 pieces.
Price: $4,500.00
Select Limited number
Limited edition
Add personal engraving to the product body as numerals, initials, drawing and etc.
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